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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Resurgence Of The Youth Art Movement

photo courtesy of ICAF.org
If you've ever attended a parent-teacher conference for a child under the age of 9, you were probably overawed by the creative works that decorated their classroom walls. You may also have noticed that the walls of 4th and 5th graders were perhaps not as lively. There, you will find posters referencing mathematical equations or perhaps portraits of U.S. presidents. The subject matter is indeed necessary, however one may wonder if their creative minds have been stagnated by their teachers' yielding to standardized testing demands. So, are we indeed stunting our children's future as we casually restrict them of their creativity?

Many kids today are encouraged to steer away from the arts. In a more technological world, engineering and other sciences are said to be the key to the future. However, we can change this problem by advocating for a resurged movement in youth arts. The World Children's Festival is one active participant in the movement by being a platform where art is celebrated and showcased to today's youth. Every four years the World's Children Festival returns to The National Mall in Washington, D.C. with a goal of promoting art as the building block for universal prosperity and peace.

Some creative experts say that children are educated out of their creativity. This belief, however, is utterly false. After what is considered a "4th grade slump," children are simply less encouraged to apply themselves in the field of arts in most schools. If creativity remains within us, why isn't this quality fostered to make children better suited to be the people they are to become?

Creativity embodies everything we do. This means that art exist in all professions, irrespective of whether someone is a mechanic, a biologist, or a materials handler. It doesn't just apply to writers, designers, and painters. The creative trait within each person not only enables one to excel, but can also give one an edge to outperform another in a competitive job market.  

The 5th World Children's Festival is an event that takes place July 2-5, 2015.  It is a free-of-charge three-day summer camp that will celebrate and educate the arts. It showcases a production and exhibition of amazing works by children and professional artists, in addition to providing musical performances and workshops held by eminent educators.  It is a multi-cultural, educational celebration of creativity, diversity and unity.

Twenty years ago the International Child Art Foundation identified the importance for children's creative and empathic development. The World Children's Festival took on the task to advance that movement. It is believed that creativity holds true value in the upbringing of young minds. About 60% of CEOs have cited creativity as the most important quality for tomorrow's leaders, while 35% say that it is global thinking.  

For years, the thought has been that we are successfully preparing our children for an uncertain future. The World Children's Festival is giving us a chance to correct such misguidance. Thankfully we now know that by fostering youth creativity, a light can now shine on a future that once lacked its truest color.

Brian L. Elliott, The Scarlet Journal
December 17, 2014, 1:30PM EDT