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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Understanding the Souls of Humans

Only days ago I attended he wedding of one of my dearest cousins. The ceremony was nothing short of wonderful. In fact, it was so inspiring that it convinced me to alter my own preferences towards wedding ceremonies from that of a quiet personal get-together to one filled with family and friends. What a joyous occasion it truly was. It was so moving that I felt as if you could actually stick your hand out and physically touch the love that the bride and groom had for one another.  I now understand why we, as guest, were all invited to share the love that they had for another. But unfortunately, only a day later many of us were informed that this joyful moment seemingly lacked completion due to an act of extreme selfishness. Someone took the couple's gift box that was filled with well-wishing cards and monetary gifts.

Who would do such a thing, many of us asked?   Who would attempt to spoil such a monumental occasion?  Only outsiders could make speculations as the newly-wedded couple could no longer wonder had they're day would come short of being ruined. I wonder if any of us had been at such a low point where we would fathom stealing from a friend or relative?  Have we ever became so caught up in our own issues that we could not even see the importance of another's claim to happiness?  We are blind to think that those thoughts do not exist in the eyes of many.  The problem could be our's just as much as it is the thief's if we choose not to show compassion for those who are in need; for thats same compassion could have easily prevented the theft from happening. 

It's a shame that it takes unfortunate matters as this to see that suffering truly exists in the world.  God will forgive the thief; and hopefully, we will do the same.  However, in the midst of it all is the feeling of sadness for the new couple.  It is they who had to sacrifice a piece of their joy in order for us all to learn a much greater lesson.

By Brian L. Elliott, The Scarlet Journal
Sept. 30, 2014 7:56PM EDT.